Monday, November 7, 2011

Some linkies.....

Y'all, I have just been swamped.  I have not blogged.  I have been so crazy busy and then I took two glorious days to do NOTHING and be with my daughter.  Home, doing little, just being and resting.  It was so good to have her home, and enjoy seeing her with her boyfriend, just relaxing, and being family.  I had a really busy week last week getting set up for my Willow House Annual Open House and Sample Sale, and then hosting it on Thursday.  We had a GREAT day.  Then on Friday, I packed up my things and set up at a local country club holiday market.  Then came HOME......I was really tired and so glad to have a family weekend of simply being.  I am so thankful for my home and for my family.   So here we are on Monday, and I've got catching up to do for all the time I spent getting my house ready, visiting with great customers and friends.  Now I've got to finalize by wrapping up everything and putting away all the things that didn't sell......if you are interested in what I have left, let me know and I can send you the list.

So I thought I'd share a few linkies with you today that I found so helpful!  I don't know about you, but table setting isn't always easy.  It's hard to remember where to place the fork, the water goblet, the wine glass, etc.  So I rejoiced today when I saw that House of Fifty has a perfect diagram to download and never have to doubt again if you've done it correctly!! How about that???  i LOVE it!

And Layla, over at The Lettered Cottage, has a preview of what's to come for the holidays, with a list of bloggy holiday decorating parties that they are sponsoring when you have a minute to be inspired.  Yes, I realize that blog reading may only come in this link will be helpful in seeing the big picture and honing in on just what you want to read.  Be inspired.

And lastly, for some good bargain hunting, and online shopping, head on over to my website, and check out the Weekly Deals for Willow House.  These deals will run from Monday to Sunday at midnight, or until they are sold out.  There are some GREAT buys, so you'll want to check them out....

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you about any of the products.  Thanks, and happy Monday!

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