Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A giveaway to tell you about!!

Are you aware of Plate and Pattern??  It's a blog written by our lovely design team for Willow House.   Do they promote our Willow House products?? You BETCHA!! But do they also give you a behind the scenes look into product design, product and catalog development, and great design ideas?? You BETCHA!! AND,
what you might not know is that EVERY Tuesday is Prop Closet Giveaway day over there at Plate and Pattern.

For instance TODAY, they are giving away a set of (three) Trilogy Mirrors...have you seen them??
Here they are:

Aren't they gorgeous??

Use them in a bookcase or shelf!

Just yesterday Plate and Pattern told us how to recreate this look! check it out!

And ALL YOU HAVE TO DO, is go on over to Plate and Pattern and leave a comment about how you would use them if you are chosen the winner!!  How simple is that?? NOW go on over and tell them I sent you and leave a comment.  Tomorrow, I'll let you know the winner or you can check on their Facebook page if you are on Facebook.........I would LOVE for one of my readers to win....in fact, if one of my readers wins, then I WILL DO A GIVEAWAY on FRiday....how about that?  That would be SO COOL!! So go on over and help us ALL out! Have a great Prop Closet Tuesday!!!!

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April said...

I am definitely on my way to put my name in the hat! Thanks a bunch, Suzanne!