Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Serendipitous Meeting!

I have known about Christy Jordan for what seems like a long time.  She is a cookbook author and hometown cooking girl extraordinaire!  She is the author of  The Southern Plate, and is recently affiliated  with Southern Living as an editor, and has appeared on a number of television, in my book, she is on her way to be a SUPA star!

Recently, as many of you know, my husband and I took a little trip over to see the g'baby, and her parents.....and what you may not know, is that they live in the same town as Christy.  Last week Christy mentioned on her FB page, Southern Plate, that she had been invited to be on Good Morning, Houston!.  She was scheduled to be on the show for Tuesday morning.  I was disappointed that I already had two appointments that day and couldn't plan to go.
So Monday morning my husband and I were getting on the airplane to come back to the Houston airport, when I spotted Christy at the front of the plane.  She had posted on Facebook that she had boarded the plane to head to Houston, and I , in my least stalkerish fashion, posted that I was on the same plane!! Long story short, we met in the Houston airport and she told me that several friends/followers were meeting up that night to have dinner, and she invited me to join them.  She is so sweet and hospitable, y'all really need to check out her website, if you haven't.  She can be found  at  And if you don't already have her cookbook, The Southern Plate, this would be a great investment or a  gift for the cookbook lover on your holiday shopping list! She has a way of telling stories that is very endearing, and she has some good home cooking recipes!!!

In fact, to further introduce Christy, this is what she says about herself, over on About Me on her website:

Who am I?

For starters, my name is Christy Jordan and I want you to know right up front that I’m nobody special, but I come from some awfully good people, a long line of Southern cooks who were some of the poorest folks around but rich in every way that mattered. I was raised to appreciate the real wealth in life : Family, Friends, Faith, and Good Food. My Mother and Grandmothers used their talent in the kitchen to bring us all together at each meal. Most of the stories I know of my ancestors were passed down to me around that dinner table. Through our mealtime conversations we learned who we were, where we came from, and what was expected of us as we went out into the world.......

In my mind, she's JUST like the girl next door....

I want y'all to go on over to Christy's site and Facebook page and tell her I sent y'all to say hi. She is such a sweetie pie, and I so enjoyed meeting her and having dinner with her.....and I will be visiting her again next time I go see g'baby!!

Anyway, back to my story, we all sat at Lupe Tortillas in Houston for the several hours getting to know Christy and one another and just had the best time!  She is such a  sweet, Southern  lady that I really want all of  you to know go on over and check out her site, buy her book, and become a friend of hers and her wonderful'll SO enjoy it!  The link to purchase her cookbook isn't live here, but it is thru her website, so head over there and purchase it through her links on her website.......y'all have a great Wednesday!

Here's a picture of her cookbook, and she has another one in the works for next spring!


April said...

I will definitely pay Christy a visit...sounds like my kind of gal!

Bill said...

I saw when you posted you were on the same plane, I thought you were messing with her LOL! How nice that you got to meet and Christy got to spend some time with you. Awesome!

Aunt Missy said...

Hi there! Yes mam I think everyone had a great time of food and fellowship the other night with Christy. It was nice to meet you, too!

Nancy said...

How fun!!!