Friday, October 28, 2011

It's time for Friday Fives!!!

Join us in getting to know one another better today with this session of Friday Fives!! Hope you have fun, and enjoy your weekend!

1. What project of yours is needing some attention that you need to muster up an "I CAN do it" spirit?

2. Is it cold where you are today?

3. When do you start your Christmas shopping?

4. What's on the menu for your weekend?

5.  What are your Halloween plans?? do you even celebrate it?

1 comment:

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Finishing my bedroom- which I have told myself for over 2 years I can do- but never have. Before I can get it finished in any of the 20 visions I've had for it- I change my mind and go in a different direction- so it remains always in a state of 3/4ths done.

2. it was 41 when I got up this morning with a high of 53 today- the weather people said..suits me fine:) I've been waiting for cooler weather. Its also raining so after shopping this morning , I can in put everything away, started the dishwasher, changed back into my jammies, put the tea kettle on and found a great book to read..

3. I started my Christmas shopping in august and other than several handmade items, I'm done.
I also found a stamp I love and will be making my own wrapping paper and stamping some gift bags.

4. I'm making sausage , apple and rice casserole. I'll also make a meatloaf so we can have it as a dinner and then for sandwiches.

5. No Halloween plans. Kids havent come here in 6 years. keeps me out of the candy basket so thats the good part..
thanks for doing Friday Fives. this was fun..