Wednesday, October 5, 2011

G, H and I.....more ABC's of decorating for FALL....

Have you decorated already?? I am seeing that I may have done these posts just a little late........I may have to shortcut and hit the highlights!!

For G, of course, I would add that you can be using GOURDS in your home decor.  Is that a no brainer???  There are so many varieties as there are varieties of pumpkins!!  The colors are just gorgeous, though, right??
How cute is this gourd VASE?
I LOVE the varying colors and shapes found in gourds of all kinds!

Willow House Renaissance Hurricane filled with pretty gourds!
Isn't this an inviting front porch area??

Inviting place to snuggle?
Aren't the colors and textures gorgeous??
For H, of course, is HAY!  You can use hay inside if you use sweeping as your daily workout, but there are multiple uses to have it look great OUTSIDE!!
And have you ever been on  or hosted a hayride?? How fun!!!

just tied with jute around a  hurricane or mason jar!

dried corn and a easy is that?

These are cupcakes, y'all....decorated with jelly beans!!! LoVE!

Plop and Drop into a hurricane and be done! You could tie jute or twine around middle if you wanted.
And lastly, for I, we have Indian Corn....again, such gorgeous colors, texture, and it is not expensive.  Use it on hurricanes, on wreaths, laying in a do YOU love to use Indian Corn?  There's a funny story on about how Josh has a thing about Indian just makes me laugh.  He is so funny!
If you haven't decorated, may you be inspired to do so....hope you are enjoying cooler weather, and Indian summer days!  So relieved here in Texas to have said goodbye to triple digits...the summer was brutal!  Happy Days, y'all!


Andrea said...

I love fall.

Beautiful post!!


Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

Great inspiration! I love the hurricane jars! :)

Joyce said...

I love these Renaissance do I get a better look and find out size and pricing? Thanks!