Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesdays thoughts...

I am so out of the blogging loop, it's not even funny.  I can't seem to post regularly.  I've lost my blogging mojo to the 100 degrees days we are having...it is FRIED!
KNOW what I mean....I am sure that you do, although some of you blogging heroes seem to slog through and come up with entertaining, if not heroic!, blog posts.  Not me, I'm fresh out of heroic juice.

Y'all were so nice to make sweet comments about the vignettes in my house.......but you might have been mistaken that the couch from the Willow House product showcase was mine....oh heavens, no.  It was indeed lovely, but that was not it.  I"ll show you the mock up and you can compare when it actually gets here and what I am going to do with the stinkin' pillows.  I could NOT for the life of me pick out fabric for the pillows to go in my living room, so I settled for something I like, but will either have to change out accessories and fluff the room differently (which I do not mind at all) OR just cover those babies.  I'm leaning toward covering the pillows.  But I do love the shape of the sofa...I'm told by the furniture people, we don't call them couches anymore.....who KNEW??? We call them sofas. 

There she is.....although the name of the sofa is Jefferson, so maybe I should say HE???
And while I am thinking about moving furniture, like sofas and chairs, I am thinking it's just going to be more sweating....is anyone else HOT???
I just want to be here....
Anyone up for a road trip??? Have a great day and stay hydrated, and under the air conditioner/fan!

PS....another COOL thing you may want to check out is the Prop Closet giveaway that goes on every Tuesday at Plate and Pattern...they are giving away a double place setting of our handsome new Riverstone Pottery......that's a $90 value or more!  Go on over and enter and check their FB page to see who wins tomorrow!  Or I will check it for  you if you're not on FB.  

Riverstone dinnerware


Controlling My Chaos said...

Don't worry, Suzanne. You're not alone. Have you noticed how quiet the Internet is? It's like crickets.

Debbie said...

Standing in that hot sun with you and completely and totally BURNED OUT.

It's terrible.
I just remember it being so bad last year.

Bunny Jean said...

I know what you mean about the heat. Kinda glad I'm not in the DFW area anymore. Can't imagine the humidity in So. Texas.

The weather here in the desert is DRY but 112 is still HOT.

Come join in on the my very first blog party the "Bunny Hop"... you can use an old or new post. This one would be just fine.

xoxo Bunny Jean

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

I'm guilty, guilty, and some more guilty. It's too hot, I'm too busy and my brain is having a really tough time coming up with something even slightly worthwhile to post. It can get a bit depressing...working full time does not leave a lot of time to be creative and I don't want to feel obligated to come up with a new project or idea, but that is exactly how I feel sometimes. I keep trying to remember why I started blogging...for me and just to share myself, no matter how boring that might be. I think we would probably all do well to remember that, don't you? Sorry that I haven't been by more to visit but hope you are doing well.