Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eager to play with some of my NEW Willow House Fall 2011 one products.....

How fun to open the boxes and play with the new products from Willow House each season!  I'll be playing sometime this week, and wondered if YOU have any ideas of ways to use these products??  Do share! 
Riverstone dinnerware...I wonder if there is a color that does NOT go with these??? I'll be playing with a few.

Spooky? Nah, but yes, indeed very versatile!! The Lyric Candleabra, the Eclipse Platter.....what else do you see?

These may just be my there any limit on the ideas for this Wireweave Basket Trio?

Dynamite comes in small packages?? Isn't this the cutest? The Demibottle trio will work hard!

What is it with Wireweave Baskets that grabs me?? I love this French Wire Convertible Basket, too; can use it divided or as a versatile!

The Athena Crackle Vase.....ahh!!!! top right corner

Marisol Wall clock, Cottage Garden wall art, OH My!

Our cover girl, the Monarch Lantern, as well as the Lady Jane bottleneck vases...what would YOU put in the them??????


Jaybird said...

There is some pretty stuff in that catalog for sure!!! I love the cinnabar appetizer trays, so I would have to "wish" for them :^)
Thanks for asking!

Jenn said...

Woah, those dishes are beautiful! Excited to see what you come up with for all the products :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Such great items! I really like those wire weave baskets.