Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Okay I need to finish my Paris posts.....

Sacre Couer (Sacred Heart)

People will do many things to make money!
Money makers??

going down was not as hard as going up!!!

St. Sulpice

The Funicular.....beat climbing up the stairs...our legs were already so tired, and it was hurting my knee to climb.  Walking was ok, but climbing, not so much!

A harpist at Sacre Couer, played beautifully!

Yes, I need to finish up and finally blog about something else.  The few of you reading my blog have been so gracious and seem interested....but I have a feeling I've  lost readers!!! I must find something interesting to blog about!!! ha.  This was the day we went up to the Montmarte area.....known for its Bohemian culture, and for Sacre Couer.  It was magnificent but no pictures were allowed.   We bought a book to remember all the pictures we would have taken!  Behind it was a very active tourist area...this was the one place I felt very, very wary of pickpockets because the crowds were thick.  A lot of people come up here and there are dozens of shops, restaurants and tourist catering services!  We did do most of our souvenir shopping up here, though.
Afterwards, we strolled over to the Pigales area and caught a glimpse of Moulin Rouge.  Our next stop was St. Sulpice, which is the cathedral mentioned in The Da Vinci Code.  The brass line that runs through it is mentioned, and they make it clear by posting a typewritten disclaimer that there is no truth to the mystical nature of what is mentioned in the book.  It was gorgeous architecture as well, and a sight to see!!!  I will have to have at least ONE more day to show pics....I just can't cover them all in one blog post!! See you soon!

Moulin Rouge....a famous cabaret, and the line to get in!

The Pipe Organ at St. Sulpice

the Brass Line and the disclaimer


Nancy said...

Well ok. But I'm sad there will be no more Paris pictures.

April said...

Suzanne...I have to live, vicariously, through you. Your posts about your trip to Paris is probably as close as I'll ever get to going there myself. What a trip! I've enjoyed it to the max!

Debbie said...

And Paris is not "interesting" to post about?? Crazy girl!

I love that funicular. I could use one at my house. I'm just that lazy these days.

And I would have loved the street harpist. My daughters both raved about the stree musicians when they were in Germany.

Here, we just have street beggars.

Sue said...

Hi Suzanne ~ I am loving reliving my trips to Paris through your blog posts. I am so glad you went to Sainte Chappelle. It is one of my Paris favorites. It looks like you had a wonderful time ~ I'd like to go back some day.
Happy Easter

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed your trip to Paris.. Looks like you made some real memory making moments...


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You are living one of my dreams. Thank for your oooooh laaaa laaa post!
Happy Easter,

Rebecca said...

I have loved your Paris photos! Thank you so much for sharing them!

karen said...

I want more pictures. I love them all. Stairs would kill me too. That many anyway. You did good.