Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 1 -Paris!

My sweet husband as we ate our first picnic in Paris!
City traffic around the Arc de Triomphe.....notice the buildings in the typical of all of Paris!
There are car dealerships in buildings along the Champs Elysees...this is a Toyota dealership....with all kinds of fancy cars inside!  Notice the tiny one on the wall and the lady posing for a pic as if she is holding it up!
When I flew into Paris, it was pretty early in the morning.......I think we arrived at 7:25 or so. The Charles De Gaulle airport is very interesting!  By the time I got to the bus ( I had decided to ride the Air France Bus into town so that I wouldn't have to deal with my bags on the train with my healing shoulder, which is doing well so far).  I took the bus into town, about a 45 minute ride into Paris.  I took some time to sit in a cafe (costs less to stand at the small bar inside and drink your drink than to sit at a table; felt like I was paying rent at the table!) and drink a "limonade" because I had to wait to meet the guy that was going to let me into our apartment.  My husband had to travel separately since he had already flown ahead for business...I was just a tad nervous about getting to town before him in a place where I barely spoke the language!!!!  It really all worked out fine, and I have to thank God for answering all the prayers for my safety, peace and smooth travel!  So I found everything I needed to find, and made my way to the apt.  My husband didn't arrive until about 2 hours later.  It would have been good for me to take a nap but I was so excited, I couldn't!! 
Once my husband arrived, we decided to take a walk and find a bite to eat.  We wandered over by a grocery store, went in and bought some sandwiches and fruit and ate our lunch out on a bench.  The weather was beautiful!!!  We walked down the Champs Elysees and watched all the cars and scooters/motorcycles buzzing around town.  I wore out pretty quickly and we headed back to the apt where I finally showered and unwound a little and hubby went out to the grocery store and picked up a few things for us.  Bedtime came pretty quickly that, I might have checked Facebook before I went to bed!! HA!  The computer (which we were glad to have) because the tv in the apt only got American news.......we did get to watch Jay Leno two nights by staying up until midnight.  I wish I had remembered to pack some DVD movies to play on my computer!  NOTE to self for the future...take some DVD movies!
I'll show you a couple of pics we took that day, and then show you more tomorrow.
Keep in mind, I've had very little sleep in this picture!! Ha! This is taken in front of the Arc de Triomphe.
Taken from afar, for perspective, so you can see how large it is!!This is the Arc de Triomphe, built so that troops returning home could march through it. It sits in the middle of a large traffic circle, so that whatever street the troops marched into town on, they would march through it.


Bella Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful anniversary trip through your photos!!!! I am seriously the best way possible! LOL (((hugs)))

ShannonPinNOLA said...

I'm loving looking at the pictures again, but having your commentary to go along with them this time.

Susan S. said... exiciting...You are in PARIS! I'm going to REALLY pay attention to your posts because I'll be there (for the first time) in October. Can't Wait!!! How long are ya'll staying. You were very brave to travel by yourself and find the apartment. YOU ROCK! Have a blast and keep posting.

Cathy said...

Great pictures! If you get a chance, please tells us about the restaurants/food.

Richard Cottrell said...

I hear you are southern and like southern things. My home is in the mid west but is very southern. Please drop by sometime for a look. Richard at My Old Historic House

Nancy said...

DH looks pleased as punch to be in Paris with his sweet wife.

Suzanne, I thought you had Netflix. Did the streaming not work there?

southerninspiration said...

No, Nancy, streaming doesn't work outside the US because of regulations...I tried, too and none of them worked!

southerninspiration said...

No, Nancy, streaming doesn't work outside the US because of regulations...I tried, too and none of them worked!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, Paris! How delightful. I look forward to reading more about your trip. :-)

Sue said...

So enjoying your trip to Paris Suzanne. Looking forward to more.
Have a great weekend.