Friday, February 11, 2011

Gee, where does time go???

How can it be time for Friday Fives again??? Wasn't last Friday just two days ago?  I started my Physical Therapy, and not only does it take up a good chunk of time daily, but it HURTS!!! It is more painful by far, than the surgery and recovery from that!  Geez, Louise......but I am working thru it, and looking forward to my getaway later this spring.....Wanna know where we are going?????  Ok, here's a hint.....
YES!!! My husband and I are finally going to Paris for our 30th anniversary later this spring!!!  I am beyond excited, of course.....SO, on that note, let's do a Friday Fives about traveling!!! What do you say?  I don't know how many readers I have left since I've been just a tiny bit delinquent and absent in my blogging.....not daily for sure, so I hope a few of  you are still out there, and will leave a little shout out to let me know who's still reading....and yes, that giveaway is still coming up, but I"m still working on it, so I hope it's going to be amazing and that you'll come back for for now, let's have some fun.....


1.  What was your most favorite vacation you've ever taken?

2.  What is your favorite WAY to travel?  Do you mind flying, would you rather take a train, drive a car????

3. If you had $3000 and a long weekend, today, where would you head?

4. What is your favorite traveling tip, especially any of you European travelers that have tips I may need to know!!

5.  Do you fold, roll or just throw in your clothes in the suitcase when you travel?? Best packing tip????

Have a great weekend, y'all........I'll be seeing you around!


April said...

PARIS??? Are you kidding me? Oh, are one lucky lady!

Now, for my answers...

1. I would definitely have to say it's when we went to Hawaii last summer for 9 days...completely AMAZING!
2. Flying wears me out, but I don't mind it. I think I'd just rather hop in a car and GO!
3. I'd want to venture up to Lake Louise in Canada. I've seen pictures of it and it looks so beautiful there! I love being in the outdoors!
4. I highly recommend buying one of those travel guides/books. We had one when we went to Hawaii and I referred to it constantly. It told us the places not to miss and things we might want to avoid.
5. I fold some things and I roll others. I don't really having a packing tip, per se...unfortunately. You are going to have such a BLAST!

Some Like It South! said...

1. A trip to the mountains, just me and the cell or tv!
2. Flying for any trip over 3 hrs, love to drive if under 3 hrs.
3. Warm Weather...Islands!!
4. Buy the travel size items and keep a supply in the closet!
5. Def...roll your clothes, lots more room!

Have a great weekend too!!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well don't feel badly...I have been out of a daily routine on blogger pretty much most of the time I've been blogging! lol And Paris? Seriously? We'd better start saving for our 30th...cuz that sounds PERFECT!

1. Hawaii two summers ago...definitely.

2. I don't mind flying, but I don't really love it either. I would say driving would be my choice, if it's feasible.

3. $3000 for a long weekend? Hmmm...I could go just about anywhere and be happy. But right now, I'd really like to be on a tropical island, NOT freezing my tootsies!

4. Travel lightly, and take good shoes.

5. I have always folded most of my things, but after the other comments about how much more room you get by rolling, I'll be doing more of that next time!

Have fun planning your trip, Suzanne!

Debbie said...

I'm still here. Just call me the WHO on Horton. I've just been so terribly busy these days. UGH.

So here's my answers for FRIDAY FIVES on a SATURDAY.

1. Favorite vacation would be one that the extended family took with my parents a year before my dad died. We traveled for about three weeks and saw much of the eastern part of US. The best part was including a trip to our old hometown.

2. Me? Fly? That would be the reason that I have yet to get to some of my dream locations. I'm chicken. I drive.

3. Three thousand for a weekend...
Let's just pretend that I'm not afraid to fly and say that I'd fly to De Smet S.D. for a few days.

4. If you travel with little ones, pack a individual outfits in gallon baggies with the day of the week on them. Makes it very easy. Plus, you can put the dirty ones right back in the baggie.

5. I'm a folder.

Joyce said...

I love Paris and my travel tip for that city is eat a Croque Monsieur from a vendor, sit in many cafes and sip the fabulous coffee while people watching, crepes-yes please! boat ride down the Seine, Eiffel Tower-of course, Notre Dame-go all the way up, Musee d'Orsay and The Louvre both, buy the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide for Paris or France in general-they are the best and most user friendly books in my opinion and they have maps, pictures, and lots of wonderful info about everything.

Did you know you can ride the Eurostar train and be in London in only 2 hours? Something to think about : ) Enjoy!

Jill said...

Yay for going to Paris! Take lots of pics to share with us :)

helendavisy said...
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