Friday, February 25, 2011

Funny Friday (inspired by a friend!)

My friend, Shannon, over at Crescent City Ramblings, is having Funny Friday today! She is a good friend, and def. has a sense of humor.
While on Facebook this morning, I saw this Youtube clip that had me in stitches........take a look, for a quick chuckle!  Also, go back to yesterday's post and read about some REALLY great personalized tote bags!!! Happy Friday, y'all!!!


April said...

How funny is that! That kind of call is definitely a first for me! I love the part where he said he was going to "drag her on over..."

Debbie said...

Sometimes, that's all I've got.

Kim said...

That is hilarious! I'm sharing it on facebook as soon as I can figure out how! LOL

ShannonPinNOLA said...

Thanks for the "shout out" Suzanne. It's nice to take a minute and just enjoy the little things.