Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday fives!!!

Here in the Houston area, we are "ICED" in......roads are not good, so no driving for me!  Yesterday, the thought from the weathermen was that we would see rain/sleet/snow, but we got no snow....just lots of ice and treacherous road conditions!
  I had hoped to post  my Giveaway today, but I'll postpone it for next week, so I can get together all I need for my it.
Any thaw that could possibly happen today will be undone tonight when temps plunge again.
So let's move on with the Friday Fives today......
I'm sure you can imagine my theme....hah!

1. Have you ever been snowed in?  How much snow have you seen in your lifetime?

2. Have you ever made snow  ice cream?

3. What's your favorite cold weather comfort food?

4. Have you ever made a snow man?  How big was it?

5. Have you ever snow skied?

Stay warm, y'all......this is really weird winter weather when the temperatures in South Texas are colder than other places north of us!!!!


Designs on 47th Street said...

Suzanne, I KNOW this is weird for y'all! Ice is the worse!

Yes, the most frightening time I can remember with snow was traveling to Rapid City SD with my mom and a new puppy. They closed the interstate and we had to stay in a church. (they let our puppy come in!) We have had tons of snow where we live. I would say my fav comfort food is chicken and dumplings.


April said...

Stay safe and warm in all that miserable weather, Suzanne! Now, for my answers...

1. We got snowed in in mid-Jan. and got about 8" of snow and ice. It was terrible! The most snow I've ever seen was probably when we went to Vail, Co. Seems like they got around 12-15".

2. Yes, I made snow ice cream all the time in the winter when I was a GOOD!

3. My fav. cold weather food is White Chicken Chili.

4. We made a snowman just last month and it was probably just over 5' tall.

5. Let's say I "attempted" to snow ski...was not pretty! :)

Miss Char said...

Well considering where I live this Friday five is something I'm an expert at. Sorry you're getting ice Suzanne, its the most dangerous.

Have you ever been snowed in? How much snow have you seen in your lifetime?

I don't think there has ever been a year when I haven't been snowed in, there is no way to estimate how much I seen. I have seen drifts that were as high as five feet easily.

2. Have you ever made snow ice cream?

Yup, lots when I was young.

3. What's your favorite cold weather comfort food?

Chili or chicken pot pie

4. Have you ever made a snow man? How big was it?

Too many to count, probably 5' tops because it gets hard to stack the balls when you get over your head.

5. Have you ever snow skied?

All my life, anymore I don't downhill because of my aging bones. Just cross country now, slower and less dangerous.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

so happy to have some blog reading time while we have been snowed in...which is rare in our state....

Happy Saturday

southerninspiration said...

Well, our three or four days of winter are ending, teasing us with coming spring. We will be back in the 20's by the end of next week, but we will be near 60 today. It's just weird, isn't it?
So I will answer my own Friday Fives!
1.I have NEVER in my life been snowed in....too far south for such.
2. I remember "maybe" once in my childhood making snow ice cream...but it was a LONG time ago.
3. Favorite cold weather food....must be chili, because that's the first thing I think of when the weather turns it's easy and yummy!
4. made a snow man? Maybe once, but it wasn't very big.
5. No, I have never snow skied....water skied, but never skied in the snow. Is skied supposed to have TWO i's????

FrouFrouBritches said...

I looove Friday Five's.

1. I don't think I've ever been snowed in, but in 2000 we were iced in (about 3"). No electricity for about 5 days was NO FUN!

2. We made snow ice cream just last night! YUM! Eagle Brand ROCKS!

3.Cold WEather food would be chili or chicken 'n dumplins

4. I have made a snowman, several, but the coolest thing we made was when I was little and we tried to make an igloo. That was fun.

5. My dad's family all love to snow ski, but I have bad knees and ankles so it's not my favorite thing. I went when I was 16 and had fun for the first day or so and then my knees were to sore to do anymore. I haven't been skiing since.

Hope all y'all's ice is melting off today. Dangerous stuff! Be careful!

Beverly said...

Oh, Suzanne. I got chills just reading how cold it is there. We are having cold weather for Ca., but nothing like you are experiencing. Yes, stay inside.
1. Yes, when my boys were in school, we got snowed in a couple of times. Was born in Ill, so lived in snow as a girl. Lived in a little mountain town for 17 yrs. near here where it snowed some.
2. Yes, love snow ice cream.
3. Soup...any kind.
4. Yes, but don't remember how big.
5. No, sledding and tobagening.