Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday fives!!

1. What is your favorite restaurant?

2. What would you do with $350?

3. What is your favorite kind of soup or stew?

4. What is your favorite movie or television show?

5.  What is your favorite type of music?

Thanks for playing along!! I am typing much better, so I hope to be blogging more in the future....hope I haven't lost all of you in the meantime....
AND.....guess what....I hit my 500th post this week!! How exciting is that?  I never thought I'd be consistent enough with blogging to meet that accomplishment!  I have to admit in the last two months, it's been touch and go, and I've missed more than I've blogged...but life has happened.
Anyway, to celebrate, I'll be doing something special, probably a giveaway sometime soon.....come back and visit!! I hope to make that happen in next week's blog posts or the very near future!
Take care and Happy Friday!


southerninspiration said...

fav. restaurant--gee there are so many good ones, depends on what I'm in the mood for. A good ladies lunch restaurant is Sandy McGee's. I also like Fish City Grill, and Perry's Steaks.

$350? I might buy some fabric for drapes.

Love chili or Lobster Bisque!

Fav. movie or Television show....Love the Good Wife, and the new series Harry's Law.

Favorite Type of Music- Hymns, Christmas music and christian music

Joyce said...

1. I couldn't possibly choose...I love to eat out. It would not be a chain of any kind. Cantlers on the Magothy River near Annapolis would rank right up there...Maryland blue crabs picked and eaten at a picnic table besid the water. Doesn't get much better than that!

2. frame some artwork I've been putting off

3. I loved the vegetable soup I made this week and linked to the recipe on my blog last Monday. Lentil soup and Tortilla soup are other faves.

4. currently The Biggest Loser

5. 70's rock but I love all sorts of music and like choosing a favorite restaurant find it almost impossible to say what my #1 would much depends on my mood

Have a nice weekend!

April said...

I LOVE Friday's Fives!

Here goes:
1. My favorite restaurant is Oriental J...I LOVE Chinese food!
2. With $350 I think I'd get a MAJOR spa treatment...aahhh!
3. I like plain ol' Beef Stew with cornbread, of course!
4. I LOVE American Idol...especially the auditions!
5. I love Contemporary Christian music, show tunes, and classic rock.

Journey said...

My favorite restaurant, currently, is Reds on the River. But then my favorite thing to make is reservations, so I'm rather easily pleased.

$350.00 would take me to DC for the apple blossoms in the spring.

Chili is my absolute favorite!!

Favorite movie is P.S. I Love You. I'm a news junkie so I like Prime Time, 2o/2o, etc.

Favorite type of music is soft jazz followed very closely by oldies. And it depends on my mood at well.

Happy Friday!

Miss Char said...

What is your favorite restaurant? Well I'm a fast food junky so I'll go with....McDonalds. I know its bad but its what I like.

2. What would you do with $350? Buy a ticket to Florida, the air temp today is 7.

3. What is your favorite kind of soup or stew? Hands down chili

4. What is your favorite movie or television show? I love The American President with Michael Douglas.

5. What is your favorite type of music? I love Gospel.

Congrats on your 500 post.

Angie said...

1. Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant. Love Italian food!
2. I would use $350 to buy stuff for my house, even though I don't need a thing. It's an obsession!
3. I love homemade vegetable soup.
4. My all-time favorite movie is The Notebook. So romantic!
5. 80s music is my favorite.
Congrats on getting to 500 posts!

EuroMom said...

Hmm...this is fun!
1. Favorite restaurant - wow that is hard. Taste of Texas
2. I would use $350 toward...not hard to guess...a European trip.
3. I LOVE chicken tortilla soup but baked potato soup is close behind. I just don't eat it often because it is a carb fest.
4. I don't really watch much in the way of TV. I do love The Princess Bride....or A Room with a View.
5. Christian music