Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fives!!!!


We have such a good time getting to know one another with my Friday Fives....I love it when y'all participate, because it helps us get to know one another better!!!  So here are our Friday Fives!!!!

1 Are YOU a List maker???? Do you love checking things off?  How
does your list work; do you prioritize it, roll over to the next share!

2.If you were having a party, what would  you fill this lovely SLaHOME Savannah Beverage Server with?  Sangria, Lemonade, Iced Tea....what's your favorite if not one of these?

3.Do you enjoy cleaning house?  Do you think you have a good handle on it, or are you always feeling like you have much more to do????

4. Do you love your
Do you have good neighbors...
...are YOU a good neighbor?

5. What are your weekend plans?  Do you take time to rest?
Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned...ours will be a busy one!!!


Texas Preacher Woman said...

1 I AM a list maker! But then I too often forget to go back and look at the list! (Still, there's just something about writing one that makes me feel a little in control, y'know?)

2.I would fill this gorgeous SLaHOME Savannah Beverage Server with Crystal Light peach tea.

3.Sometimes I like to clean house (okay like a couple of times a year, I like it), but usually it's more like I clean just so I can show off a decorating project in its best light . . . I never quite have it all together.

4. I DO love my neighborhood! My kids grew up here, one of my closest friends lives right next door, and I some mighty fine other neighbors, too. (I could probably BE a better neighbor, though.)

5. My weekend plans are pretty predictable: FRI - out to dinner with friends and then home to catch up on my favorite TV shows with Baby Daughter; SAT - puttering around the house on,resting, and getting ready to teach Bible study on Sunday morning; SUN - teach Bible study, attend worship/celebration service, and then get ready for the rest of the week . . . Love me some weekend time!


southerninspiration said...

1 Are YOU a List maker???? Do you love checking things off? How
does your list work; do you prioritize it, roll over to the next share!

Yes, I function best when I have a list, but my problem is I don't have a consistent place I make them, so I end up having 40 million lists, and I lose them....I need a notebook I guess! I love to cross off, and sometimes they are prioritized for me, by necessity!

2.If you were having a party, what would you fill this lovely SLaHOME Savannah Beverage Server with? Sangria, Lemonade, Iced Tea....what's your favorite if not one of these? It would depend on who is coming over, but our standby is iced tea, my hubby's favorite. I do have a good Sangria recipe though, and I'm not afraid to use it! ;D

3.Do you enjoy cleaning house? Do you think you have a good handle on it, or are you always feeling like you have much more to do????
I like it sometimes, but usually I am way behind so I dread it. I pretty do feel like there's more to do than I have time for....maybe I need a maid, do you have one?

4. Do you love your
neighborhood? Do you have good neighbors......are YOU a good neighbor?
I do like our neighborhood although it's gone thru some changes. I have good across the street neighbors but have lost my really good neighbors on either side of me. We have a good Bunco group, and would love some new members if you want to come! ;D I try to be a good neighbor but it's hard when you don't know the people very well....

5. What are your weekend plans? Do you take time to rest? I have two SLaHOME parties this weekend, and then I am volunteering at a fund raiser dinner for my daughter's ProGrad party at school. Sunday is always rest day for us after church!

Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned...ours will be a busy one!!!

Kim said...

1. I keep all of my lists in my head. Not a good idea.
2. Probably would use the beautiful beverage server for Margaritas cause that's what my friends would expect!
3. I "tidy up" alot and always feel like I'm behind. The whole idea of Spring Cleaning seems foreign to me. I'm more the clean as I go type.
4. Love my 'Hood! Most of my closest friends are my neighbors. Very blessed that way.
5. I've been sick all week with the flu, so hopefully the weekend will see me getting out of this house!

Thanks for the fun Suzanne! Have a great weekend sweetie!

Nezzy said...

1. Do I keep lists? Heeeheh! Do ya burp after a soda, why yes!

2. In the summer it would be filled with pink lemonade. Winter it would be filled with hot apple cider.

3. Oh baby ya have no idea, I love to soothes my soul!

4. This Ozarks farm chick lives smack in the middle of a large workin' farm. We have distant neighbors so I take the Good Book at heart and consider everyone I meet my neighbor. Heeeeheehe, just call me Mr. Rogers...yes I am a good neighbor.

5. I like to get everything done Sat. mornin' hunker down in front of a movie and prepare for my pre-Teen Sunday school class and Kid's church. Hubby sometimes has other ideas like cattle round~ups and movin' machinery.

From the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

commoncents said...

Thank you for posting this! I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange?

Journey said...

1. I AM a list maker! And I love marking things off the list. Admittedly, the least favorable things too often get moved to another list created at a later time.

2. Chrystal Light Peach Tea for me also! My favorite is good southern “sweet tea” and I can drink my weight in it, and because of that, I’ve switched.

3. At one time I always cleaned when I was upset or unhappy. These days I am always happy but I do find that I rather enjoy keeping the house clean. We moved here 1.5 years ago and I still have a few boxes to go through. I’m almost ashamed to admit that, but it’s been a slow process, blending homes is more challenging that I had thought it would be.

4. We live in the country and I LOVE the area. One neighbor keeps a rather unsightly collection of junk in his yard (and spills over onto our property) and he’s not so fond of me after I asked him POLITELY to move the stuff. Hopefully, he’ll get over it! I try to be a good neighbor!! I respect other people, their property, and expect the same I return. Is that asking too much?

5. This weekend the hubby is working, so I plan to FINALLY select the new countertops and get them ordered, sort through old pictures to scan and load music onto my IPOD. These are self-imposed goals and rather easy ones!

Have a great weekend!!!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

1. I'm a mental list-maker...maybe so I am more forgiving of myself when I don't get everything done! haha!

2. Lemonade with fresh berries and mint, for sure! Yum! :)

3. I'll admit, I really do like to clean! Even toilets don't phase me. I'll do anything except the dishes...makes me gag! Oh, and with kids running around, the housework is never done! :)

4. I like to think I'm a good neighbor :), still trying to get to know our new neighbors, but I am enjoying our quiet neighborhood.

5. This weekend Hubby & I are rollin' up our sleeves and gettin' some major work done! Gotta clear out (read: finish unpacking a million boxes from) our garage so our new cabinets can be delivered next week! Not too fun, but the end results will be worth it!

Hope you have a great weekend :),

Lisa said...

1. Yes I do lists. Most of the time I check off but if I forget the list I remember better if I write it down!

2.Oh I would fill with Raspberry Lemonade! MY FAVORITE!!

3.Don't enjoy, don't really mind, NO I NEVER have a handle on it. I have 3 dogs!

4. Love the hood, my very closest neighbors are great, rest of the street not so much, I try to be a good neighbor!

5.Work Saturday AM then I need to visit my Pink Saturday Girls!

Have a good one!!
Hugs, Lisa

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...ok
1. Yes
2. Lemonade with fresh raspberries (or) diet Pepsi with lemon (jk)
3. Yes..under control, love a clean house!
4.Yes...we all take care of each other!
5.Just want to stay's snowing!!!
Come say hi :D

MEL said...

Hi, following from Friday Follow. I too live in the Houston area (Atascocita/Humble area).

1. I am so a list maker. The really important stuff I put on the bathroom mirror so I can make sure I do not forget it. The other stuff just goes on a rollover list until I can get to it. I try to mark off atleast 2 to 3 things a day off of the roll over list, but somehow it almost always has atleast 10 items on it.

2. No question, it's Sweet Iced Tea!I mean I am from TX. I might add lemons, peaches or mangos depending on my mood.

3. I do enjoy cleaning house, it is a destressor. I may not be able to control the world around me but I do have some control over how clean my house stays. I actually would rate my day by how clean the house is at the end of it.

I used to feel like I had a handle on it but lately I have felt like it's spiriling out of control. I guess when you start to get behind things pile up quickly.

4.Not crazy about my neighborhood. Love the community just not this neighborhood.

5. My hubby is on a men's camping trip tonight so now that the kids are in bed I am going to watch some movies. Tomorrow just going to hang with the kids and hopefully get their pictures done. Sunday is church.

Paula said...

1. I love to make lists and get great pleasure in checking items off as I complete them. Sometimes I write the smallest thing down just so that I can feel like I'm accomplishing something.

2. I'd fill it with iced tea or maybe lemonade.

3. I don't like to clean but I try to stay on top of it.

4. I live in a great neighborhood but we pretty much keep to ourselves.

5. This weekend is busy. I've got a bunch of schoolwork to do, I helped to host a banquet last night, there's a 40th b-day party to attend tonight, and I have a big tennis match on Sunday.

Joyce said...

1. I'm definitely a list maker. I love crossing things off-so satisfying!

2. depends on the event...Sangria would be pretty with all the fruit.

3. No I don't enjoy cleaning house. I know there are women who love it but I'm not one of them. That being said, I like a clean house and mine is clean. My husband is super neat and likes to vacuum and clean the shower so that helps. A lot.

4. Well, we've only been in our house a few months so I don't know all my neighbors. I'm in a neighborhood book club and have gotten to know some ladies this way. I love my house. I love the beauty of the neighborhood-lots of woods, sits up on a hill..

5. A nap usually finds its way into my weekend. And a big long walk/hike with our dog. This weekend my husband and I are going to make homemade lobster ravioli together. I've never tried it (cooking that is, I've eaten it!) so it should be fun.

Anne J said...

I'm following from Friday follow.
1. I make lists, then ignore them.
2. lemonade for me
3. I hate cleaning house, I make the kids do it now that the are teens. They don't do a perfect job, but it is good enough for me.
4. We moved recently and still don't know many people in our neighborhood, I hope to fix that in the spring.
5. We have no plans this weekend - no kids activities or sports games. So it is an unusually relaxing weekend for me.

Homeschooling With Love said...

I'm a new follower from Friday Follow.
1. I am a list maker. The only problem is they get lost, and I forget what was on my list.
2.I would make Iced Tea.
3.I love cleaning my house, and there is always plenty to clean.
4.I like my neighborhood. I have okay neighbors. I am a mediocre neighbor.
5.We have plans, but there will be a little time to rest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I am now your blog follower. Have a wonderful weekend and pleasure to meet ya.

~ Lynn

Debbie said...

I love making lists! But, they can make me feel overwhelmed.
I would fill that with iced tea!
And I am a horrible house cleaner.
Came over from Friday Follow.

~ Sonny ~ said...

1. I actually love making lists.. Its about the only thing I do that makes me feel organized. I may as well admit this lists usually get left behind, but its fun to come back and see if I got what I was supposed too-giggle.. usually NOT
2. Oh there would definantly
be very sweet tea in that Savannah pitcher, with a bit of mint for each icy glass.
3..I dont mind cleaning the house now that there are only 2 of us and not much mess is made.. I have a lady that does the vacumming/ bathrooms and windows, so I can handle the rest.
4..I love my neighborhood and I have terrific neighbors. In the summer we have cook outs and we are always around to help if the call is sent out.
5.. 55 degrees today after all the snowy weekends, so DH and I were out cleaning up the yard and drawing plans for new trees
hugs and happy thoughts...

Heather McDougle said...

I'm following you from Friday Follow!

~Shelley~ said...

Love your blog! Visiting from Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower! Love for you to come visit me!

Have a great weekend :)
~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

karen said...

I make grocery list. And put post-its on my stirring wheel to remind me of what I have to do before I go home.
Ice tea
I hate housework and only do what has to be done.
I visit with most of my neighbors and we have helped each other out at times. I don't know all there names except my sister that live across the street and neice that lives next door.I am an ok neighbor.
No plans for the weekend.

Simply Stacie said...

Following you from the Friday Follow!

Designs on 47th Street said...

Well Suzanne, I think you know me well enough to answer the first one for me!

1.I'm a list maker somedays, and not other days! (hate that about myself) I try to write a daily list and have a running list as well of things I want to get done.

2. I would probably place ice tea with pretty lemons in the SL beautiful decantur. Possiby sangria for my silk thumb shows! :)

3. I keep up with my house and "tolerate" cleaning. I could be better! OK, now you really know me!

4. Yes, I love my neighborhood. Adore the woods behind us and watching the wildlife. I have good neighbors, but wish I knew more of them.

5. Busy weekend. We went to a dinner and play last night. My daughter's future father in law was the lead. It was funny and the food was good. I've been trying to work on reading a book "The Help". Bookclub meets Thurs. night and I'm about halfway. Church this morning, a nap, reading and clearing off counters.


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello ~I wanted to stop by to reconnect. I've had a few absences from blogging and have lost touch with some of my friends that I miss sooo.
Since winter landed on our provided us the motivation for some remodeling in two homes. Crazy, I know. So, lists are mandatory.
I made Sangria in my spigot jar. for Super Bowel Sunday.
Fortunately, I've had a housekeeper for several years, so I do a little maintenance in between her visits.
I adore my neighbors of 27 years. We have a gate that connects our backyards, so we can stroll back and forth to our leisure.
Foe the weekend plans...refer to the remodeling paragraph above.
We will find time foe a little wine and cheese.

I hope you can stop by so we can reacquaint ourselves. .

Sweet wishes,

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

oops...I meant for not foe, lol! Although these remodeling projects can become my "foes"!

Sweet wishes,

Anonymous said...

1. I make lists . . . and then I lose them!

2. Lemonade sounds lovely!

3. Ha ha! You used the word "enjoy" and "cleaning" in the same sentence!! I have a cleaning crew every other week, thank goodness.

4. I do love my neighborhood! It's the best one in New Territory. We have great neighbors, and we try our best to be good neighbors.

5. I'm too late to talk about last weekend's plans. But I saw you at one of them!