Friday, May 1, 2009

The gang's all here.....

If you're here, we know a little about each other, perhaps.....but I'd love to get to know you better! I thought for Forging Friendships Friday , we could talk about ourselves for a little bit! So.......................

I'll tell you a little bit about myself, and then, I'm turning it over so you can introduce yourselves to me. Take the stage and leave a comment. Fill me in on anything and everything from name, age, blog/web address, hobbies, how you found me, etc. I'll start the party!!

I'm Suzanne, and you'll remember I've recently reached a half a, that's amazing, huh? If you are here, you know my blog/web address, thankfully and my hobbies are decorating, crafts, gardening, some sewing, cooking, most things domestic, ahem, except cleaning really. I do THAT only out of necessity, not because it's a favorite pastime!! I began blogging last year after a brief trial run with a blog over on Xanga....some friends talked me into it. It wasn't as much fun over there, and I think that's because I didn't know YOU!!! I have enjoyed it so much more even though I don't blog every single day....just whenever I am able. I used to think no one would really want to follow my days, my words, my ideas.....but then I just decided to be myself and go for it......a blog doesn't have to be perfect to be enjoyable. I learned that life application from the Nester!!!! :) who swears by the principle, (come on, you know you can say it along with me!) It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!

I have three children, one of which is married, so i am a mother-in-law as well. The married son is out of college and it gainfully employed (YAY!), one is in college and my daughter is a junior in high school....yep, the nest is quickly getting emptier! We have a dachsund named Aggie, who is 10 years old. He'd LOVE to be a king!
I've lived in this house for ten years, nearly eleven and still have things I want to do, or to change in this house. It may not be our house forever, so we are sort of biding our time for now. We did re-do our kitchen right after Hurricane Ike threw a tree through our roof. You can read about that here and here! While a little scary and a lot inconvenient, it sure was nice to get a new kitchen out of the deal!
So tell me a little about yourself...

OH, and one thing I wanted to tell ya'll regarding being unable to comment on some of my fav. does seem to have to do with my new laptop, but in looking around on the settings of my own blog, I discovered that you can go to Settings, then to comments, then look at the line item "Comment Form Placement".... I changed mine today to Pop UP page, the middle item, and lo and behold, my friend So Blessed over at New Day, New Season, was able to comment for the first time in a long time. So I would recommend that you all check that item on your blog and change it if you aren't already using that feature. You may even get more comments that way!!! We all love comment love, do we not??????
so go on down and take the stage, tell me a little about yourself. I was surprised how my gardening simple tips were appreciated, so maybe next week, I'll offer a few more. Have a totally terrific day, friends!!!


Lisa said...

Oh Suzanne! You were like my 1st blog buddy(: I was the new kid at school sitting at the lunchroom table all alone and you and Tracy came and sat with me. You're such a sweetheart! I hear ya about the empty nest. I'm so feeling the need for a different nest. A grown-up all the kids are gone guest house in the back nest. Are you feelin' me?

Domestic Designer said...

You were my first follower and I will always remember that...Thanks! I think you know everything about me from my blog. I am 49 years old, mom of 2 grown children. I love to sew, knit, read and many other things. My husband says no one can say I am not industrious. I love to create.

jenjen said...

Hi Suzanne!
It was fun getting to know you better!

You probably know all about me -- mom to four kids -- Nick (15), Hayley (13), Hannah (10) and Ella (4). I love to be creative - decorate, make jewelry, paint, mod podge whatever I can get my hands on. I spend a lot my time working on my church calling.

I have loved getting to know you and reading your blog!


Twice as Nice said...

Hi, First of all I'm Fran, the second born twin. Being a twin is the best gift the Lord has ever given me. We are super close. I have 3 children, a daughter 27 ( I had her when I was 10 LOL)who was married last summer and so I have a fantastic son-in-law. Then it took 10 years and we were blessed with a son. Followed by another dauhter 14 months later. My children are my greatest accomplishment. Honor roll students, polite, consderate, loving...stop me if you can.HA I honestly don't know how I got so lucky. Fern and I are in our 40's,YIKES and she has one son,13. She had fertility problems and I almost had a baby for her but then she was blessed with Logan.

I stalked a lot of blogs before we started one. Twin got us set up with one WAY before I was ready. I still don't know how to download pictures. Plus I told her since her house was under construction I didn't think I could offer anything anyone would be interested in but she didn't listen! Then we started our vinyl business and spend even more time together and that is always a good thing. For the most part my life is good and very blessed!! (Are you still there or did I bore you after the first paragraph?Ha!)
Have a happy weekend.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love ya, Suzanne! You, Donna, and Paula were the first real "encouragers" I had on my blog. I love reading your stuff. :)

You know I have two girls, ages 3 and 1. I am a stay-at-home mom in VA, and I also hate cleaning. I enjoy reading, dancing, writing, reading blogs, scrapbooking, traveling, cooking, and learning to sew! :)I. love. pink.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Thanks for the tip about the comments...I will have to check it out. And it is nice to read more about you! :)

Renee said...

Happy Friday to You Too!
Hmm....what don't you know about me? I'm not that complicated.

Let me dig a little...

-My favorite perfume is Lauren (by Ralph of the same name) and I've been wearing it since 1982, although it's getting harder to come by.

-On our first date, Steve took me on a drive in his truck to take pictures of dirt (soil mechanics class.)

-When I used to babysit in high-school I would bring notebooks and copy down recipes all night after the kids went to bed.

-Nine times out of ten, I won't wear a new outfit until someone else tells me it looks ok. Kristin is very glad that you go shopping with me! :-)

So blessed! said...

You are too sweet! I am still so excited that i can comment now, I can hardly stand it!
Well, I will start out saying I am "So Blessed". I have a God sent husband of 14 years. (my second)
Two grown kiddos. My daughter is 28and my son is 23 this month. I will be the Big "50" in Sept. I have been teaching Elementary school for 23 years. My teaching position has been Reading Coach for K-3 the past 6 years. As you can tell from my blog. I love to read, write, and create stuff. Hope that hasn't bored everyone too much.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Thanks for the comment tip, Suzanne. I just went and changed mine according to your instructions. You're the best!

Lana said...

Happy Friday Suzanne! And what a great idea to forge friendships by having this little "get-to-know-you" soiree! Here are my facts, as condensed as I can make them: I am 48 years old, will be 49 later this year. I have been married to the same man for 28 years - we met in college and here we are all these years later. We have 3 wonderful children - Dana is 28 (today!), Matt is 25 and Cameron is 18. Dana and Matt are both married, to Nick and Lexie, and they each have 2 little girls. These 4 pixies are the lights of my life - Isabelle is 5, her sister Ava is 2, Ansley will be 4 in August and her baby sister is 1 year old today! Yep, that's right - darling daughter Dana had a baby last year on her birthday! I love to read and spend time with friends and family, and putter around with projects when time allows. Unfortunately, time doesn't allow very often. I work outside the home for a large hospital company as their cash manager. In my spare time I lead 2 different ladies' bible studies - one at church and one in my home for some of the other football moms who are my friends. Our youngest, Cameron, will be leaving us in 2 months to head to the Naval Academy to play football and become a naval officer. He is completely thrilled and can't wait to go, and I am coping as best I can and cry every day thinking about how empty our home will be without him. I believe that chocolate cures alot of life's injustices, and a walk on the beach feeds my soul. Keep those wonderful decorating and gardening tips coming, because girl I can surely use them! Have a great weekend - Lana

Jadehollow said...

Hey Suzanne.. Thanks for stopping by earlier and for the lovely compliment. Loved getting to find out more about you on your post today. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed weekend.

ellie said...

Hi Suzanne...thanks for your comment on my bench..I got caught up on you Hurrican Ike stories. I too have been though a Hurricane, it was Hurricane Iniki, a Cat 5 in 92 on Kaua'i.
we also nearly escaped Alabama when Hurricane Katrina was coming we left on Friday, she landed on Sat. But hey you got a great kitchen out of the deal.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading about you Suzanne! We have some things in common like out hobbies and the fact the cleaning is simply a means to an end!
The Husband and I are empty nesters and we're having such fun! We have 4 kids and our 2nd daughter Stephie and her hubby Jon have just given us the best gift EVER! Ellie! We have 2 weddings this year, as both of our single daughters are tying the knot! And my 1 and only son is holding out, hopefully at least until 2010!!!
Blessings Sweetie and looking forward to getting to know you more :)
All Things Heart and Home

LDH said...

Hello, Just stopping by for the first time. Very sweet blog you have here and I enjoyed getting to know you a bit. I'll be sure to come by again!
Kindly, ldh