Thursday, April 9, 2009

Links to LATCH onto........

Decorating Spring Fling

The Decorating Voice is having a SPRING fun is that? Lots of great ideas will be posted for inspiration...isn't that what we need to motivate us to get going with the celebration of Spring. My guess is that if you're like me, you've put out some cute Easter things and now come Monday after Easter, you'll be putting those away and doing something else. So here's to a creative UMPHHH that may help us with that transition in a fun-filled, creative mojo sparking event! I posted there an idea I had back when the spring fever was just starting....wasn't even thinking of Easter I made an aqua blue vignette....see what you think. You can find that post here.
Now go on over to The Decorating Voice and see what you can see that will spur you on to Flinging your Spring...or something like that!~~

Also, head over to my funny friend Amanda's at Serenity NOW 100th post bloggiversary.......she's hosting a giveaway!!! She's witty, she's cute, she's hip and she's got two of the most adorable girls that she writes about, or that sometimes write for her! Check it out and tell her I sent's a giveaway!!!!

Lastly, I thought I'd share with you some things I learned in the latest Real Simple Magazine......great references to have on hand.
The first is useless information that you don't NEED to know but will probably remember:

It takes six minutes to make one PEEPS chick! Original Peeps have a shelf life of TWO years! and more than 5 million Peeps are produced each day.
Other perhaps useful links: rain boots and umbrellas for the April Showers days and cosmetics at up to 75% off, plus a bonus $20 toward your first purchase and home goods at up to 80% off. --vibrant waterproof purses and pouches...again for the showery days of April!
have a great day, friends and enjoy checking out all these links~!~


Darlene said...

Your Spring vignette is just delightful! Love it! I'll have to go see all the Spring decorations. Hope you have a great day today!

Domestic Designer said...

Thanks for all the info. I'll have to check all those blogs out. Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Love your vignette! That robin's egg blue plate is beautiful.I had to laugh about the peeps. The Thespian and I made homemade marshmallows for Christmas one year and it was like a Science Fair project! I gave them to neighbors as my lil' Christmas happy and wrote a note telling them how much trouble they were to make. Just call me Grace!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love ya! :) I am going to have to check the rain site out...the girls and I need some new rain boots--it has been raining a lot here in VA. Thanks for the plug! ;) That was 3 entries for you, missy! ;)

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh my word...I am LOVING your aqua blue vignette. That is my color. I never tire of it. so calm, so soft, so very pretty.

BTW, thanks for the awesome links.


jenjen said...

Wow - so much helpful information! I am going to check it all out. Thanks so much!!!

Have a super day!


Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Peeps can live for two years?! That's a little scary LOL

I hope you and yours have a fantastic Easter weekend sweet friend :)


Barb said...

Thanks for coming by, and for all the tips on places to fling your spring, or something like that. =0)

Barbara Jean

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thanks for the tips with the decor stuff! My armoire is soooo boring unless it is Christmas, and then most of my Nutcrackers are up there with some garland and twinkle lights. I am going to go move that bird right now--I don't think MB can reach it! ;)