Monday, March 23, 2009

It's time to start thinking about Easter eggs!

This is a post from last year, but appropos for the season, so I thought I'd run it again......

We don't really dye eggs at our house much anymore, since my kids are older, but I'm thinking maybe you still do....well, maybe I'll do some this year for myself!!! I thought maybe you'd like to know how to dye them without using all those dyes that have to have a special number attached to Red dye #47 or Blue dye #23....why not try dying them with REAL food items???I've got some ideas for you and I even did a little Googling for some further research for you and me....Above is a picture of some naturally dyed eggs, and you can find some info here and here. Try looking here, too. You can also tea dye them, too as shown below, and the instructions are found here.Also, here are the instructions I have on hand for Elegant Dyed Easter Eggs using NATURAL food coloring.

Place colorant, from the list below in the pot with 1 quart of water and 2 T. white vinegar. Bring to a boil; let cool slightly. Place dye back in the pot with up to 2 raw eggs, bring to a boil. (If adding more than 2, stir gently to prevent eggs from settling against each other). Leave in dye until desired hue is reached, from 20 minutes up to 2 hours. Remove, pat dry lightly with paper towels; let air dry. Here is the list of colorants to use:
1/2 c. paprika= peachy salmon color
1 c. canned cherries in syrup=red
3 T. turmeric=yellow
1 c. fresh spinach leaves=green
4 c. chopped red cabbage or 1 c. blueberries with syrup=blue
12 medium sized onion skins=orange
1/2 c. grape juice concentrate=purple

For further decoration, take a crayon and make designs on the eggs before dying them. The dye will not absorb into the designs as the wax prevents it from absorbing and leaves the design in place. The process can be constantly repeated with the crayons for multiple effects on the eggs....these give you the look of Ukranian Easter Eggs.
Mostly have fun as you see nature's own hues softly displayed in your Easter Egg Basket Bounty!!! I'll be back next week with the recipe for the Easter Story Cookies, in case you need that one, too.


Donna@designson47thstreet said...

You have been doing some homework, girl! Those are some truly beautiful eggs. I think they are prettier than with the dye # 48 or whatever! :)

We've tried adding the oil to make the colors go different directions. I will have to tell my dd about these websites.

Great ideas! Thanks!!

PS I'm LOVING my Celebrate Spring magazine!!

Michelle Grace said...

I'm going to have to try this! The colors are gorgeous- much better than what you get from the kits. Thanks for sharing!

Susan S. said...

I don't have kids around and almost every year my girl friends and I dye eggs. My super organic friend will LOVE the different things you've used to dye the egss. We'll give that a try this year. :)

Robin said...

Those eggs are just beautiful! That is such good information.....thank you so much for sharing with us!!


Robin :o)

Lisa said...

This sounds like fun. Grown-up Easter eggs! They're so pretty I know I'll want to save them.

C Maisy said...

i think i just may give it a try!!

Domestic Designer said...

I think I will try these! Thanks for doing all the research. These look like fun for any age!

Christine said...

Kids or no kids...I'm dying the eggs! I love your wonderful ideas here...gonna give them a try. Thanks for sharing.... =O)

jenjen said...

Those eggs are so cool! I love the crackly ones! I would love to make some that I could keep - they are so pretty!