Saturday, March 21, 2009


There just aren't enough surfaces in the world to house all the great ideas for tablescapes. Oh, that's just a fancy word for "stuff on the top of the table that you pull together to make it look pretty"........ So do you use a theme, or use a color, or just how do you pull together a great tablescape? Obviously, you begin with a great statement piece. Then you add filler and fluff to make it just right. Seems like I use that phrase a lot...... Well, today I want to concentrate on a great piece. That's what I love about Southern Living at HOME pieces, by the way, is that the pieces are great pieces and OH SO VERSATILE!!! Take the Jamestown doesn't make a lot of noise, it's been around in the catalog for some time now, and is just a little workhorse. The handle is removable if you like, and it comes with a glass piece in the bottom to give you a surface over the gorgeous wrought iron work that makes the frame. Did I mention that the glass surface also makes it food safe for serving food? You can use it in the bathroom for holding all your toiletries or for towels and soap; you can fill it with flowers for the dining room centerpiece, or you could line it with a napkin to serve rolls/bread. The ideas are endless! If you have one, how do you use YOURS? Currently mine is in the bathroom holding all my bottles, cans, creams, etc. Oh, and it also has precious little votive candle holders to match.....and as we know, just because they are called votive holders does NOT mean that you cannot use it for something else........condiments sit so prettily in them!! You can place butter in them next to that great basket of yummy rolls! As it happens , I DO happen to have a few pics I thought I would share. And again, one of them came from Paula!! She is so creative, I love to save pics of her ideas! Thanks, Paula! She has made a fabulous little spring basket and showcased her little collection of eggs and nests. And take a look at that gorgeous cloth she has laid underneath it. I'm sure this is in her beautiful dining room, which you can see if you go on over to her blog! Mine, shows the way I used it last year for Easter. And then the other picture shows it with bread sticks with the votives. And lest you think that this is only an EGG basket, think again. Imagine it filled with small pumpkins and gourds for fall, Christtmas balls and ornaments, birthday party favors,office supplies on the desk..... So you see, my dear friend, you can use this for decorating seasonally, OR use it for everyday. It's just one of the many choices when deciding how to use this little gem. There are a million and one choices that I didn't list here! You can look on my website, for additional ideas and recipes!
So what's YOUR idea for this piece? I'd love to see!!!


Paula said...

Another idea! I love the tablescape with the bunnies and the basket full of eggs. I saved that picture for inspiration next spring. Check out my blog for another idea!

kari and kijsa said...

Love this! We just wanted to say Thank you!
kari & kijsa

Donna Lynn said...

I am enjoying all the Spring decor in blogland, your tablescape is just lovely! It is always nice to "meet" other Christian women, it was fun to see you like a lot of the same things I do too! I too, am a Southern Living mag lover, so many of the good magazines are going down the tubes lately, sure hope this one hangs in there!
Take care, have a wonderful weekend, and Spring Blessings to you,
Donna Lynn

Cass said...

What a sweet basket -- I love that it comes with a glass "bottom" -- that is brilliant! Hmm, I sure could use one of those iron baskets. . . .

And YES I DO need a tassel for my powder room curtains. I knew there was something I forgot to write about in the post, so after your lovely comment, I went back and added it.

Now I need to find a bargain on a drop-dead-gorgeous tieback!

Thanks! Cass

Barb said...

so very cute.
Think I'm getting inspired. that's a good sign.

Barbara Jean

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

So cute! I needed to read this, as my tablescape is currently made up of a laptop, a Cookie Monster board book, and a half-full sippy cup. ;)