Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Fives......

Friday Fives are back!
We are going to focus on your house jump in and  share with today's Friday Fives!!

1. Do you have a space you call "your own"?  Is it simply a chair and a lamp or is it a full room???

2. Do you like where your house is right now, or is there a project you'd like to tackle and redo something in your house?

3. Do you enjoy having the windows thrown open when the weather is good?

4.  What are your favorite colors you use in your house?

5. Do you treat yourself regularly to fresh flowers to have in your home? Do you have live plants in your home?

Enjoy your Friday and the upcoming weekend!!! TGIF!


karen said...

TGIF to you too.
1.My moms old easy chair is mine now . She sits in her wheelchair next to it while we watch tv.
2.New bathroom sink ours is rusty and leaky.
3.Our windows are open right now. First time since summer. Love it!!!
4.Blue,Black and white
5. No and No I do not have a green thumb. And who can afford to buy fresh flowers all the time.

Joyce said...

A day late but I'm playing anyway....

1. My sunroom...its so light and sunny and I love the outdoors that surround it too. I read, think, write, and have quiet time in here. And maybe sneak in a nap on the very comfy couch there : )

2. Oh we have many projects going on at the moment including our master bath shower re-do, painting bedrooms and tweaking furniture and accessories in there, and finalizing plans for a new patio/firepit/landscape project out back.

3. Yes! We've only really had one day like that so far this year but I loved every minute of it!

4. Jewel, navy, gold...

5. Yes. Fresh flowers make me happy and I buy them regularly. I have plants too but they don't do the same thing for me as flowers do.

Enjoy your weekend!