Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do you DO it???

By it, of course I mean organize........piles of paper.  Coupons, receipts, recipes, newspaper ads, photos, magazines, etc.  Do you have piles the way I. HAVE. PILES????  For instance, a voucher for an airline that is worth $25, actually two of them, as well as a premium drink on one....I'm saving it for a bumpy ride!! :D

Where do you put things like that so you'll remember to actually use them?  And how do you organize coupons?  If they go in a drawer, they may not come out again, until after they are expired...that makes them pretty useless!  So I've wasted the time I took to clip them!  Recipes that you intend to try.......buried in a drawer, they don't get sampled..they just add to the problem, rather than helping!  Stacks of magazines with recipes and ideas that are worthy of further investigation!!?? You see a pattern here, no doubt.
Add in my business and I've got more piles of catalogs, receipts, order forms, postcards, business cards, etc.  I guess I missed the organizing gene......I can create, but that one is hard to muster, to change I am looking for ideas! Let's compile a list in the comments of things that work for you!  I will take any and all ideas to plow down the piles!  Seriously, they suck the life energy right out of me!  But I can't seem to just throw them in the trash can.  I see possibility in each of them!!  Or is that just a procrastinator's mantra that is empty and void of meaning!?!  Tell me, tell me, how do I make a right brain into a functional, left brain!!??? Ha....I may not be able to change my brain, but maybe, just maybe you have a system that works for you that might just work for me!! DO TELL!!!


Beverly said...

Such a good post. I have not good ideas for your problem, so I hope you get some good ideas I can use too. I have files for everything, but forget where I filed things.

I loved all your convention pictures. You must be proud to represent such beautiful products and a company that is so creative.

I will be back to read those organizing comments.

FrouFrouBritches said...

Love this post. I missed out on the organizing gene. My entire family has it, except me. I am a stacker. I used to be a legal secretary and if they asked me where a file was, I would say, "Second stack from the left, third file from the bottom" that's how I organize. It's AWFUL! BUT, if I file stuff, I lose it. Although, I DO have several "rip files" for tear pages from magazines. One file folder full of decorating ideas, and one for recipes, and one for travel - just in case I ever have enough money to actually get out of Arkansas for a week. HA!

I'm so glad I'm not the only unorganized one! Besides, I'd rather be creative than organized! I just wish my Hubby felt the same way!

Tara said...

I am hidden somewhere behind several stacks!

susansternberg said...

I wish I could help, but I'm totally clueless when it comes to organizing. Wish my office looked like the top photo!

candy haymon said...

This is an ongoing challenge for me. Something I learned while homeschooling my kids quite a few years ago is the Notebook system. I am beginning to use it again because it seems to work for me. Three ring binders with tabs, plastic sleeves (when needed), etc. I have one for my in-laws (whose medical care I am responsible for), one for my work tasks and responsibilities, one for recipes and menus, etc. It is helping me consolidate and not have so many loose papers piling up! You can google to find more ideas with the Notebook system. Hope this helps!

southerninspiration said...

Thanks, Candy, I'll check it out!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Well, you and I are just alike. I can create, but I am sooooo unorganized. I have piles here and there, too. Don't even look in my closets or the pantry. Yuck. I keep saying I am going to fix these things and still haven't. The rest of the house is clean, but behind closed doors is awful. I missed the organizing gene, too.

Jen said...

You inspired me, Suzanne! I've been wanting to write some posts on organization, but I never seem to get around to it. So I wrote one today on how I organize my coupons. The short answer is: a plastic baggie I keep in my car! Simple, but it works. You can read the rest here:

southerninspiration said...

Thanks, Jen! I have a friend who keeps her in a CD case in the car.....I just need to keep them in the car so they are there when I need them! GREAT ideas!


Richella said...

Oh, gosh, Suzanne, I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I would have sworn you were one of the organized ones! I am the WORST piler in the world. Drives my husband crazy. And lately it has even started driving me crazy! Please share if you get any fabulous new ideas!

Debbie said...

I did not receive the gift of being a natural organizer. I struggle and struggle very specifically with the mail pile.

My sister, on the other hand, could fashion an entire blog around this one subject. Amazing.

And my older daughter? Oh please... the girl is some kind of android who takes after the above mentioned aunt.

I am actually going on a mission once the daughters are both off to school. I think it would make a good diversion. I'll google that notebook system. I'm thinking it's what I have observed from the sister and daughter.

Maybe you could do some kind of blog organizing challenge! Hmmm... give it some thought. I could be easily coaxed to join.

Melissa Miller said...

I have no idea how or why but I am super organized. I am consistent with it. My biggest tip is to throw things away and donate regularly. I mean ALOT!!!! The less *stuff* you are working with the easier it seems.

Good luck Suzanne! You're the best sweet friend! ~Melissa :)

Robin said...

I actually just wrote a post on this very subject today! I also wrote a post recently on how I organize magazine clippings. But here is the just of it...

First off, I keep a stack of magazines by my work out equipment. When I'm working out I rip and tear what I want out of them and then organize the tear sheets by what they are.

I insert the articles into clear page protectors and then put them in white three ring binders. I have binders labled entertaining, christmas, main courses, decorating etc... It works for me. I have found it immensly easier for finding things than simply filing them.

I hope that helps!

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Memento - Terri said...

I put metal folders on the wall and made card stock tags with the days of the week. After I send an order confirmation email I print the email and put it in the folder for the day the order came in. I then number the bottom corner as I put it in. So if I see a 7 in the folder the next one I put 8 for that day. Looking at my wall I can quickly see Monday has 8 orders to go out, Tuesday 5 etc. Not sure if that makes sense. I should take a photo and blog about it because it works good for anyone that has a business with orders to do! Great post and I love the damask look of your blog.

Evelyn said...

I recently had a suggestion on how to organize my recipes and so far it is working beautifully.
I created a separate email account for my recipes. I make sure that the subject of the email includes the name of the recipe, then I just scanned and emailed all my recipes, it comes in very handy when searching the web for a recipe, because most of them have a link to email the link. It also has a built in database (that's why I put the name in the subject line)
We also organize the wonderful legos that were given to us by a super friend. We sorted them into those 4 and 5 drawer plastic dressers and the smallest pieces are sorted into a plastic nail storage box with about 20 small drawers.

Hope this helps someone.

southerninspiration said...

Evelyn, that sounds like a very smart idea!!! Thanks for sharing!