Thursday, August 12, 2010

College themed Friday Fives!!!

Clearly, I have college on the it isn't long before I have TWO kids in college....

So let's have a college life themed Friday Fives!!!

1.Did you go to college? Where?

2. Do you keep up with your roommate(s)?

3. What was your major in college?

4. What is the most vivid memory of your college life?

5. Do you have any children in college or that have graduated college??

Have a great weekend, Y'all!!


Paula said...

1. Yes, Virginia Tech
2. We send each other cards and talk every once in a while. I haven't seen her since my wedding in 1994.
3. Elementary Education
4. I enjoyed hiking in the mountains around Blacksburg.
5. No

southerninspiration said...

1.I went to La. Tech and to LSU, but did not finish at either.

2. No, don't really keep up with them, although I am friends with the husband of my last roommate on Facebook; she doesn't do FB.

3. Home economics education (would likely choose something totally different today!)

4. Just remember liking the whole college scene of having lots of free time and the only responsibility was going to class really. I remember long walks with my hubby, before when he was just a friend, and sitting at the Sonic with him! :D

5. Yes, this is the first year I will have TWO in college at the same time....Texas A&M.

Hinterlands said...

1.Did you go to college? Where?
Yes, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

2. Do you keep up with your roommate(s)?
I last chatted with her on Yahoo last Christmas. She is in WA and has triplets!

3. What was your major in college?

4. What is the most vivid memory of your college life?
Meeting my husband. =)

5. Do you have any children in college or that have graduated college??
Not yet, but in just 2 years, then it is like dominoes of them all leaving!!!


susansternberg said...

1. University of Illinois
2. I keep up with my freshman roommate. She's on Facebook and visited me in June (her brother lives in Clear Lake).
3. Journalism . . . still using it!
4. Graduation
5. Jake is just about to go off to UTSA.

Joyce said...

I always enjoy your Friday 5's...

1. East Tennessee State

2. Some-I had more than one thru the years. Facebook has been good for this : ) And I'm in touch with a big group from my sorority...we've had a few reunions. And same is true of my hubs fraternity brothers who were also my friends..we just saw a bunch at a surprise 50th for one of them and we laughed until we cried.

3. Speech Pathology/Communication Disorders with a minor in Special Education

4. Meeting my husband, carefree days, fun with friends, parties, lots of clinical hours for my major, feeling really in charge of my life for the first time...those were really happy years.

5. I have one daughter who will be a Junior in college this year and one daughter who just graduated from uni in May and is working full time in her field. Yay!

Enjoy your weekend!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I didn't know you went to LaTech Suzanne! I used to go to LaTech to see my boyfriend and to see my roomate's friends. I loved visiting!

1. I went to Southern Arkansas University.

2. One of my roomates, I never see. One of them, we just do Christmas cards. I wish we saw eachother more. Neither of them is on Facebook - hate that!

3. I was kind of torn between Elementary Ed. and Marketing/Business. I was out of $ and didn't want to take out a loan when I couldn't pick a major. So, I didn't finish.

4. Just being on my own and being able to do what I wanted. I worked two jobs to pay for rent, food, etc. I was broke but happy to be there.

5. No kids in college. I've got a few years to go before that.

Debbie said...

1. University of Georgia

2. I have lost track with all of them. Not even a card at Christmas.

3. Education. I started out HS English and then changed to Middle Grades language arts and social studies.

4. Oh, without a doubt meeting Mr. Right. After that, I guess it would be the football games. I hate football, but I loved the social part of a Dawgs game.

5. I have one who is a senior and one who is/ will be a freshman. They will both be at at Mercer University in Georgia.

Yankee Doodle said...

.Did you go to college? Where? Yup, I attended Central Michigan University. Sadly I didn't graduate.

2. Do you keep up with your roommate(s)? Nope

3. What was your major in college? Secondary Ed.

4. What is the most vivid memory of your college life? Frozen hair leaving the pool (required gym class) and walking back to the dorm in the winter.

5. Do you have any children in college or that have graduated college?? Both my children have graduated from college.

Denise said...

1. GA Southern University

2. I don't keep up with any roommates, but I do keep up with a few friends via facebook.

3. Management/Information Systems

4. LOTS of free time and coming & going as I pleased. Going out late at night to eat.

5. One graduated in 07 (finance/political science) and the younger is a senior. (Both Mercer University)

Beverly said...

Timely post subject, Suzanne. Have been spending some time in the town I grew up in lately as my hubby has a job there. We drove by the Jr. college we attended.
1. One year (Long Beach City College)in Ca. Met hubby and decided being married was my goal.
2. No, but I think she still lives in the area.
3. Childhood Education
4. Meeting up again with my future husband. (I know, but I fell in love)
5. All three sons went to college. The oldest two, just finished Jr. College. My youngest graduated and became a high school coach and teacher.

Suzanne, you have been on my mind lately as your nest will be empty as so many others I have been reading about. I remember the empty nest sadness and the crying as each one went off on their own, but I can tell you from experience, that it gets easier, and you will be so proud that you raised children that can make it on their own. Our empty nest became a love nest as hubby and I got to know each other all over again without kids around. LOL