Monday, June 28, 2010

Magnificent Monday!

How do you feel about Mondays?  Is it the start again of another whirlwind week, or is it to you the beginning of a week full of possibilities?  For me, today is a little of both!
Tomorrow, I go to New Student Orientation with my daughter, who starts college in August.  So exciting, isn't it?  Yet, my nest will be empty and I am wondering what this is going to be like!?!  Later in the week, we will travel to see my older son and his wife, the ones who are expecting the first grandbaby!!  So exciting, too, right!!!
A whirlwind week, full of fun and excitement! 

What does this Monday hold for you?  Are you starting a new project that will take your whole week?  But you will be done by the end of the week, so that is exciting!  Are you keeping your children occupied and staying busy to avoid the "B" word.......(you may not say "I am bored"!!!) :D

Or maybe for you, it's just another work week, with things to accomplish and you may or may not have vacation to look forward to.........I hope you are thankful for the job and the ability to go to it.  
I was thinking that later in the month, we could do an "I CAN DO THIS" party and each have a goal of five things to accomplish in a certain time frame, maybe by the end of the summer, or maybe a quicker time frame like in a two week period.  That would be just to keep one another accountable!  Nothing like being able to report back what you've gotten checked off your list!!!  The first half of July is super busy for me, so I don't think we will start it until the third week of July......what do you say? Are you IN????
Also, I was hoping to find a few guest posters for July, while I will be doing some traveling......specifically for July 15 thru the 18th, while I will be away at the SLaHOME/WillowHouse convention....and you know after that, I'll have LOTS to post about.  So,anyone game for doing a guest post for me during that time????
Let me know in the comments.......or I'll be asking you directly!!
Whatever your Monday holds, do it with a smile, do it with grace, and do it knowing that we are so very blessed to know one another, to have this life to enjoy!  take care and I'll see you tomorrow!  Don't forget to leave a comment! I am missing out on some of my friends' comments, and I would love to  hear from you, if only to just say HI!!!


Diana said...

Yes, I am smiling today and giving thanks for HIS grace!

Debbie said...

I would definitely be IN for that "I can do this" challenge. I need something like that!

We did our orientation over the weekend. Now, we're getting excited about room planning so that will be a project for the summer. This week, I'm trying to make a CREATIVE week. We'll see how that one goes...

Stacey said...

Bring on the I Can Do This party. Soon! :)

Have fun at orientation. We go July 20th. Gosh, it's a little overwhelming isn't it?

Basement Bags Girl said...

You have so many new 'adventures' coming up this year...empty nest and being a doubt you will be great at both!

LLH Designs said...

Love your party idea. I have six days wihout my girls and have some serious house projects to do. Next week needs to be my "I can do this" week...with the Lord's help! Can't do it alone or I'll fall flat an feel grumpy! Thanks for the inspiration! ...Linsey