Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday Fives!!!!

1.  Favorite perfume?

2. Favorite purse you own?

3. Favorite place to read a book?

4. Favorite person to hear on the other end of the phone?

5.  Favorite pair of shoes you own right now?

I'll be back with the final episode of our trip home from NYC......these things are all inspired by things I did/saw/heard on our trip!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

1. My favorite perfume is Vera Wang.
2. My favorite purse is a black one that my girls gave me. It is a Kate Spade. One thing about having girl daughters... they keep me outfitted in the best!!! They don't want me to look like an old fuddy duddy. LOL!
3. My favorite place to read a book is sitting out on the beach. If I can't be there, I will settle for the couch at home. If I read in bed, I fall asleep.
4. My favorite person to hear on the other end of the phone would be my girls. I LOVE to talk to them ANYTIME and hear their voices!
5. My favorite pair of shoes for the summer are my Jack Rogers sandals. They are so comfy and go with all my summer things. I need to get another pair.
Suzanne, thanks for hosting the Friday 5's. This was fun!!! Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Love & blessings from NC!

Debbie said...

Well, I'm somewhat boring this week.
1. I don't have a CURRENT favorite. I rarely wear it these days. Over years of sniffery, I think one called Cinnabar by Estee Lauder from many years ago was my favorite all time scent. Spicey but clean.

2. Favorite purse? Well, right now I'm carrying one which belongs to my daughter. It is just the right size and has pockets in perfect places. It's a bright green. I would like one similar.

3.I have a certain chair in our living room where I like to both pray and read. I call it my prayer chair. It's my favorite place to read, too.

4.My favorite voice to hear on the phone RIGHT NOW is my older daughter because she's the only one not living here. Next year, it'll be a tie between the two. Of course, when your husband travels all week, the sound of his voice is always sweet too.

5.This is easy. I have a perfect pair of gold wedge sandals which I love. They are just the right height, extremely comfortable, and they go with just about everything. LOVE THEM.

Diana said...

1. I'm actually allergic to most perfumes. Yeah, downer!
2. I love the purse I'm carrying right now. I should show you a pic of it. So springy with some awesome colors.
3. I love to read when we are out in our 5th wheel.
4. Simply love to hear the kiddos on the other line.
5. I'm loving my Yellow Box sandals.

Darlene said...

1. Happy by Clinique
2. Not really a purse person. Hubby and Lexi MADE me buy a new one a couple of weekends ago ( so whatever one I am carrying).
3. My favorite place to read is on my back porch swing.
4. My daughter is the favorite voice on the phone.
5. flip flops

Have a great weekend.♥

Joyce said...

1. CoCo by Chanel...pretty much all I wear

2. Coach bag I got for Christmas in winter, fun orange bag I bought on holiday in Italy for summer

3. my sunroom

4. Daughter1 or Daughter2

5. some Ann Taylor flip flops...stylish and comfy-yay!

I want to come back and comment on your NY post...glad you had a great trip. The city is most definitely exhausting!

kim said...

1. My favorite perfume is Bob Mackie. I don't even know if they make it anymore because I rarely wear it. I do have a 20 year old bottle of Poison that I still love. That's how often I wear it. It probably really IS poison by now.

2. I've been into Vera Bradley purses lately. I have 3, but can't say I'm in love with any of them. I think I've spend my last dollar on Vera. Why didn't I come up with that idea? I can make a suit and sew a zipper. I can quilt. Instead, I get paid to take care of sick people. Seems purse design would be much less stress.

3. My favorite place to read is my new sunroom. Haven't started a new book yet, can't seem to stop reading blogs like this.

4. My favorite voice to hear on the phone? Mom or dad, but Dad is usually a cheerful "WHAT's going on?" without a hello. LOL
He answers the phone by saying "yeah?"

5. My favorite pair of shoes I own right now? That's a close one. I love my Adidas running shoes (I don't run but they make me walk faster I'm sure). They have been a help to my foot pain.

Anonymous said...


From The Heart said...

1.My favorite perfume is Chanel#5.
Don't wear it much because some family members are allergic!

2.My favorite purse is whichever I am carrying at the moment. I like lots of pockets-cell phone and my camera!

3.My favorite place to read is my couch in the living room. I have my "nest" set up there!

4.My favorite voice on the phone
Any of my children or grandchildren!

5.Don't have a favorite pair of shoes!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Favorite perfume? Probably Clinique Happy

Favorite purse? A big shiny turquise number my hubby bought me for my birthday last year. Sadly, the hardware on the strap broke and I still carried it for two months. I loooved it so much.

Favorite place to read? The bathrub. It's the only place to get out of the chaos so I don't have to re-read a paragraph four or five times.

Favorite voice on the phone? Probably my Hubby. Hearing his voice always makes me smile.

Favorite shoes? I adore my new black and white houndstooth Yellow Box flip flops! They are so comfy!!