Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big news from Willow House

Hi friends....I wanted to share an important update in my life that I just learned about on Friday...the company I have been with since 2002 will be closing its doors...yes, Willow House will be ending by the end of the year.  We are still liquidating home decor inventory until mid December, and starting tomorrow, we will begin liquidating our Sara Blaine for Willow House jewelry inventory. 

It is a sad time, but one that I am not despairing about.  God always opens new doors when He closes current ones.  So I am looking to the opportunities that will come later next year....stay tuned for those!

With that being said, tomorrow we'll begin a FAB FALL sale, with all the jewelry being discounted  UP TO 50% off.  Sales will start around mid-day tomorrow, so if you want to scoop up some awesome Sara Blaine designer jewelry (Sara still has a retail line in the luxury boutique stores that is growing!!) at discounted prices then plan to shop HERE!!   If you have questions, please ask...I can help you.  Thanks, and I'll be in touch.....

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