Thursday, July 25, 2013

 I just came back from our annual Willow House meeting in Colorado!  Oh, my...what a trip. The weather was fabulous, of course. When one is used to 95 degree temps in July, 70's can be OH.SO.REFRESHING!  And it was!
We learned the latest news in Sara Blaine for Willow House, which I cannot wait to share with you!!  And we saw the new Fall 2013 line that Sara has designed for us.....can I just say WOW! She is one talented designer and such a sweetheart.  We feel so fortunate to work with Sara and Mendel, her husband and business partner.   They are right there with us when we have our annual meetings!  It is awesome to be able to ask them questions and make suggestions and feel like they actually CARE what we think!  I will be posting some pics of some of the new line in days to come.  You are going to LOVE it, like I do!  But first I just have to share with you the NEWS that Sara Blaine for Willow House is going to offer starting Aug. 1st!! Read below to get a grasp of this's going to be great!
 This helps describe our new associate program....and anyone, anywhere can join it for FREE.  No fees, no obligation!!!  Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!
I’m a Rep for Designer Sara Blaine, maybe you've read about her. I have a strong client business and a growing digital business on the web. I’m looking for people to help me expand my digital business and I’m willing to pay them well. It doesn't cost a penny to set up your very own Sara Blaine Boutique and the company will pay you 25% of every dollar of jewelry purchased by your friends and contacts on Facebook and Twitter. All you have to do is “click open” to set up your store and “click share” to post special offers from the company to Facebook! We realize that you’re helping us reach a person that we normally couldn't reach through traditional advertising and that’s why we’re willing to pay you 25%. And if you’d like to help us even more by signing up your friends as Sara Blaine Associates, we’ll pay you 10% of what is sold through their e commerce stores when they “click open” for free and then “click share.”

But the best part is our Grand Opening bonus! For your first 101 days the company with match your 25% cash commission with 25% of free product. They will even match the 10% bonus on Associates you sign up direct to you with 10% free product during their Grand Opening. There’s no limit to the number of Associates you can enroll and no limit to the cash or jewelry you can earn. What a great way to earn extra money and gifts for Christmas!

Click the link to my store and then click “Start My Own Boutique” to get started earning real cash and free jewelry today.  This option will go active on Aug. 1st...on my website,  As I said before, it costs you NOTHING to open your own e-boutique. 

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