Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gee whiz....

Time flies, doesn't it?? Yet when we want something to get here ALREADY, it seems to take forever....for instance, cooler weather........would LOVE for it to be here, and break this summertime heat !! Yet some of you think, but then comes winter, and I am SO not ready for that.....just for the record, TEXAS is ready for fall and winter!
So days fly by and I haven't had a chance to blog.......catching up from travel time, house needs attention, clothes need to be washed and these people want a meal or two!! I know you, too, have faced such challenges as well.
I am eager to show you more pictures from our Product Showcase from the national Convention for Willow House.  Do you want to see them?
I'll start with a few and you let me know if you want to see more, m'kay?

We had not only our Simply Good Design Home Decor Product Showcase, but also the Jewelry by Sara Blaine jewelry display that we were all so anxious to feast upon! Boy, were we wowed, and in no way disappointed!!!  Our design team totally ROCKS and really showed us some great ideas.
You be the judge!!

Hard to get a shot of the mirror w/o someone's reflection...that's not me, but would you look at these TRIVETS surrounding the mirror?? How clever is that???

Isn't this FUN and colorful???

This fashioned headboard is done with Paint and three Cottage Garden Wall decor!!

Stunning with purples and grays!

Ingenious...this is a window box planter, turned into a wall sconce! See, ingenious, right?

Doesn't this make you want to have a PARTY??

who would have thought to surround a round mirror with our sconces and make a starburst?? They DID it! Cool, huh? And notice the smaller framed items are framed COASTERS!!!  The architectural lamps are made with garden trellises!

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