Sunday, August 24, 2008

More creativity.....

Well, friends, I thought I"d show you what can be done with the Patina Wall Tiles, another very versatile Southern Living at HOME product. These come in a trio, so they can be hung in various designs on the wall, horizontally, vertically, on the diagonal, etc. Also, here in these pictures, I've got more ideas for you. As you can see in the headboard of the gorgeous bed, they can be used inset into molding to make such a fabulous looking headboard. If you look closely, you'll see a lamp on the bedside table fashioned from our Fairmont Urn. Also, on the mantle you'll spot two of the Renaissance Trio finials. And when you look at the picture on the top, you'll see the same two products; however, they are altered a bit. The coffee table has been made by making a metal frame in which the Patina Wall Tiles are placed and topped with glass. But take a look at the legs of the table. Those are none other than the tallest of the Renaissance Trio finials, turned upside down! How clever an idea that I would NEVER have thought of ! So, so creative, and again an idea from the girl designers at SLaHOME! A great, big round of applause for those talented girls! And it's all FYInspiration....take that idea and go with it! Let me know what you come up with!
Take care! I'm off to help my friend care for her quintuplets!!! Yep, five precious little can read about here. Her blog hasn't been updated since they have all returned home, as she's been just a tad bit busy with them! They are growing and doing well, and it's an amazing thing to see the whole operation of them being cared for. She is doing an amazing job! And I get the blessing of helping sometimes!